Batman azrael vs bane knightfall

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batman azrael vs bane knightfall

Batman: Knightfall, Part Two: Who Rules the Night by Doug Moench

This riveting book sets Batman on a path that will change his life forever. A mass escape from Arkham Asylum and the emergence of Batmans most threatening for, Bane, sends Gotham City spinning into chaos and takes Batman to the limits of human endurance. Graphic novel format.



But for forces of justice will not go quietly into the night. Instead, a successor to the mantle of the Bat must be chosen to carry on Bruce Waynes war against crime. Who will be the new Dark Knight? Can he succeed where his predecessor failed? Or will Banes campaign of terror continue unabated, laying waste to Gotham City?

The second volume of the epic Knightfall story, this edition contains Batman #498-500, Detective Comics #664-666, Showcase 93 #7-8 and Batman: Shadow of the Bat #16-18.
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Azrael The Batman Who Kills - Know Your Universe 2.0 - Comicstorian

It was also a completely crazy, action-packed blockbuster story that only the '90s could spawn.
Doug Moench

A test-tube baby from his conception, Jean-Paul's genetic structure was altered by scientists with Animal DNA, engineering him to be capable of feats beyond those of a normal human. He grew up oblivious to his intended larger purpose, and became a student of Programming at Gotham University. He learned of his family's legacy when his father , the previous Azrael, crawled bleeding to his apartment one night in costume, having been mortally wounded by LeHah. Before requesting that his body be dumped somewhere where the family secrets wouldn't be uncovered, his father supplied him with money, and the means to travel to Switzerland and meet with the Order of St. Dumas who would supply him with his training. It was later revealed that his father had actually been attempting to supply Jean-Paul with the means to escape the Order's influences, but his intentions were misread. In the Swiss Alps, a dwarf named Nomoz taught Valley of the responsibilities of Azrael, and revealed that despite believing himself to be rather mild-mannered, he was in reality already a more-than-capable fighter requiring no additional training, having been already unknowingly suitably conditioned.

It was the only reasonable choice. Azrael loses his first fight against Bane badly. Embarrassingly badly and in front of many Gotham citizens. Only Bane would enter the battlefield by dangerously jumping through an electrified billboard. So ever the master strategist, Bane uses his genius tactical mind to formulate a new plan: run really fast. Train fight! As far as battles inside transportation goes, train definitely tops the list.

Convergence: Shadow of the Bat , featuring art by Philip Tan, is one of the two-issue tie-ins to the weekly Convergence title that will run through April and May, replacing DC's comics line. Set during the "Knightfall" era of Batman's history, the story takes place just after Bruce Wayne was disabled by Bane with a broken back. Yet according to Hama and Tan, the Convergence story comes after Bruce Wayne's recovery, when he's infiltrating the organized crime underworld. Hama said he took the opportunity of a "domed" Metropolis to imagine what would happen to the areas where the dome cut through. He placed Bruce Wayne in one of those areas, stuck in a commuter train. And being his bad-ass self.

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Kid in a candy store and all that. ReVamp : I just plan on including the times Slade smacked him around :D. Chaos Prime : Thank you. Do you have a favorite? Ferro Vida : Thanks.

It consists of a trilogy of storylines that ran from to , consisting of "Knightfall", " Knightquest ", and " KnightsEnd ". Bruce Wayne Batman suffers burnout and is systematically assaulted and crippled by a "super steroid "-enhanced genius named Bane. Wayne is replaced as Batman by an apprentice named Jean-Paul Valley a. Azrael , who becomes increasingly violent and unstable, tarnishing Batman's reputation. Eventually, Wayne is healed through paranormal means and reclaims his role as Batman.



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    With Batman out of action (broken back and whatnot), Bruce Wayne assigned Jean-Paul Valley, the vigilante Azrael, as the new Batman. Azrael loses his first fight against Bane badly. Robin doesn’t approve, Bruce Wayne doesn’t approve, Nightwing doesn’t approve, but one can’t.

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