When will america wake up

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when will america wake up

Wake Up America Quotes by Eric Bolling

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Published 07.01.2019

Wake Up America

Wake Up, American Jews: Donald Trump Is A Huge Threat

Make no bones about it: this is an opportune moment. But we have to awaken, learn and work very hard or this moment will be lost. Trump Inc. So stop griping. We got ourselves into this and we can get ourselves out.

Next up is the Zuckerberg performance before Congress. Three things were abundantly clear: 1 Mark Zuckerberg listened to his wife and got a suit to wear; 2 Zuckerberg listened to real lawyers about never admitting anything of legal import after you apologize for being a way too trusting type of guy; and 3 virtually none of the senators and representatives took the time to learn anything from their tech-savvy staffers before embarrassing themselves in front of the cameras. Oh, and just to complete the picture, there is the rogues gallery of cabinet officials who seem to believe that America is so lucky to have each of them on the job that we should overlook their ethical shortcomings. Americans seem unable to perceive the peril to the vitality of the nation as a whole. Meanwhile, as the Facebook saga indicates, corporate behemoths rise to fight for themselves with neither regard for, nor interest in, the public good. So we are adrift with no life raft in sight. Trump will fall before long, but already weakened public institutions will be slow to respond to calm the storm.

What Will It Take for America to Wake Up to the Horrifying Reality of US Warfare?

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It is a truism that whatever starts off hurting immigrants eventually harms us all. On the other hand, if something benefits immigrants that too ends up helping all of us. When xenophobia hits a nation, this basic principle is forgotten, as a false us-versus-them dichotomy takes hold. A disturbing aspect of American exceptionalism is that this dichotomy keeps being presented as something virtuous; the veneer of exceptionalism blinds us to our common interest and is now breeding the intense storm of resentment that is ostensibly targeted toward immigrants but is actually a reflection of deep self-hatred. In her important op-ed for the New York Times on Aug. Should she continue to put her life on indefinite hold?

Without fail, the last question at any appearance I make is the same: Should French Jews leave and move to Israel or America? I always insist that Jews have played an instrumental role in founding modern-day France, and if anyone is going to leave, it should be the anti-Semites. But implied in the question is the belief that America, like Israel, is a safe haven for Jews. And I am not sure this is still the case. The opposite, in fact; in recent years, I have witnessed the oldest hatred in the world brewing in the United States. I wish to warn my Jewish American brothers and sisters of the danger I perceive from the vantage point of a French Jew all too familiar with anti-Semitism. I wish to warn them that they are under siege.



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