I feel too stupid to do anything

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i feel too stupid to do anything

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Published 07.01.2019

Feeling Dumb? this is why

Does your anxiety ever make you feel like a failure? Does it ever make you feel stupid?

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Sign up or log in to share. Yes I was depressed when I was younger I did get good grades but I was never happy about it really. I didn't study for myself but for my parents.. I was constantly put under pressure..

So, three years ago i started computer engineering, with my - not clear at all - goal of being a game programmer. But i was just so unorganized, not willing to find some help and without knowing that it just takes time to learn.
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Donna Volpitta : Focus on the idea that this feeling is a reaction to a situation, not a trait. Your child is feeling frustrated about specific things. Try to understand what those things are. Bob Cunningham : The most helpful way to react depends a lot on the situation. Say your child is having difficulty with a task, like homework. Sometimes, though, kids make statements about being dumb or feeling stupid seemingly out of the blue.


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