Humpty dumpty fall scale explanation

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humpty dumpty fall scale explanation

Humpty Dumpty in Oakland by Philip K. Dick

Set in San Francisco in the late 1950s, Humpty Dumpty in Oakland is a tragicomedy of misunderstandings among used car dealers and real-estate salesmen: the small-time, struggling individuals for whom Philip K.Dick always reserved his greatest sympathy.
Jim Fergesson is an elderly garage owner with a heart condition, who is about to retire; Al Miller is a somewhat feckless mechanic who sublets part of Jims lot and finds his livelihood threatened by the decision to sell; Chris Harman is a record-company owner who for years has relied on Fergesson to maintain his cars. When Harman hears of Fergessons impending retirement he tips him off to what he says is a cast-iron business proposition: a development in nearby Marin County with an opening for a garage. Al Miller is convinced that Harman is a crook, out to fleece Fergesson of his lifes savings. As much as he resents Fergesson he cant bear to see it happen and--denying to himself all the time what he is doing--he sets out to thwart Harman.
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Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall and Many More Nursery Rhymes for Children - Kids Songs by ChuChu TV

Clinical relevance of the Humpty Dumpty Falls Scale in a pediatric specialty hospital.

Pediatric Fall Safety Safety in hospitals is a continuous focus and concern for healthcare providers, especially for those of pediatric patients, because pediatric patients are exposed to many tests, medications, and a new and unfamiliar environment. New exposures coupled with a patients diagnosis, current mental status, and the dependencies of childhood produce concerns for patient safety, especially concerns about medical errors and falls. Children younger than 10 years had more accidental falls than adolescents, while adolescents had more physiological falls compared to the younger age groups. Humpty Dumpty Fall Scale The Humpty Dumpty Fall Scale HDFS differentiates the pediatric hospital population into categories low or high risk for falls based on specific factors and recommends specific nursing interventions. Medication usage. Scores are assigned within each risk factor and then summed: low risk scores are and high risk are

Humpty Dumpty is a character in an English nursery rhyme , probably originally a riddle and one of the best known in the English-speaking world. He is typically portrayed as an anthropomorphic egg , though he is not explicitly described as such. The first recorded versions of the rhyme date from late nineteenth-century England and the tune from in James William Elliott 's National Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Songs. Fox — As a character and literary allusion, he has appeared or been referred to in many works of literature and popular culture, particularly English author Lewis Carroll 's Through the Looking-Glass , in which he was described as an egg. The rhyme is one of the best known in the English language. The common text from is: [2].


Skip to search form Skip to main content. The Humpty Dumpty Falls Scale: a case-control study. Messmer and Phoebe D. Williams and Richard A. Zeller and Arthur R. A chart review of pediatric cases who fell and controls who did not fall were pair-matched by age, gender, and diagnosis.


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