Ways to prevent pollution in hindi

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ways to prevent pollution in hindi

Pollution Quotes (196 quotes)

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Published 07.01.2019

प्लास्टिक प्रदूषण को रोकने के उपाय - Plastic pollution How To Prevent In Hindi

Pollution prevention

Air pollution control , the techniques employed to reduce or eliminate the emission into the atmosphere of substances that can harm the environment or human health. The control of air pollution is one of the principal areas of pollution control , along with wastewater treatment , solid-waste management , and hazardous-waste management. Air is considered to be polluted when it contains certain substances in concentrations high enough and for durations long enough to cause harm or undesirable effects. These include adverse effects on human health, property, and atmospheric visibility. The atmosphere is susceptible to pollution from natural sources as well as from human activities.

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Outdoor air pollution is responsible for around 40, deaths in the UK each year, according to a new report by the Royal College of Physicians. However just as significantly this is also one of the first reports to recognise how important indoor air quality is to our health. Indoor air pollution is not a new phenomenon. Since the dawn of history, humans have burnt wood, peat or coal to produce heat. The walls of caves, inhabited millennia ago, are covered with layers of soot and mummified bodies from the stone ages often have blackened lungs. A passage in Leviticus indicates that Biblical people were aware that damp buildings were a health risk.


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