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richard castle novels ghost writer

Storm Front (Derrick Storm, #4) by Richard Castle

With the help of a beautiful and mysterious foreign agent--with whom Storm is becoming romantically and professionally entangled--he discovers that Volkovs treachery has embroiled a wealthy hedge-fund manager and a U.S. senator. In a heated race against time, Storm chases Volkovs shadow from Paris, to the lair of a computer genius in Iowa, to the streets of Manhattan, then through a bullet-riddled car chase on the New Jersey Turnpike. In the process, Storm uncovers a plot that could destroy the global economy--unleashing untold chaos--which only he can stop.
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Richard Castle and Richard Castle, Jr.

Who Writes Richard Castle Books?

Rowling wrote and sold a couple of books mentioned as part of the Hogwarts curriculum in the Harry Potter series, but this kind of two-way feedback between the series and its tie-ins is impressive to see, particularly from my perspective as a tie-in author. But Naked Heat feels closer to the Castle formula, with more suspect-bouncing and more shifts of narrative viewpoint, and with the writer character Jameson Rook being more an equal partner in the crimesolving. I enjoyed those aspects. Naked Heat is better, about 50 percent longer, but still a little slim. For another, whoever the ghostwriter is, he or she or they?

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New York City public defender Macie Wild takes the homicide case of a burglar the tabloids nickname the Buzz Killer for his MO of lobby-buzzing apartments to select his targets. But when he is the victim of an attempted jailhouse killing and then someone tries to kill Macie, her murder case reveals itself to be something bigger. In spite of her misgivings about his methods, Macie and Gunnar form an uneasy partnership fraught with moral conflicts and romantic sparks. In constant danger from a ruthless contract killer, they collide with an unscrupulous pharmaceutical CEO, a playboy prince, rogue FBI agents, a high-tech cat burglar, a sadistic call girl, plus a scheme to launder illegal Russian billions through Manhattan luxury real estate. Hardwick, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist, falls from a grace, and to survive he's now part of the Hollywood paparazzi.

He is portrayed by Nathan Fillion. The name Richard Castle is also used as a pseudonym under which a set of real books about the characters Derrick Storm and Nikki Heat, based on the books mentioned in the television series, are written. These books have achieved success, becoming New York Times bestsellers. Actor Nathan Fillion appears as the face of Richard Castle on the books and on the official website, and participates in book signings. According to Fillion, the character's name "Rick Castle" was noted by the show creator as sounding like "Rich Asshole" and says that this reflects his character. Andrew Marlowe explained that he designed Castle's character as one that presents a "storytelling point of view" as a counterpoint to Beckett's evidence-based police work. Castle is the father of Alexis Castle and the son of Martha Rodgers, both of whom live with him.



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