Fred nolan oak island died

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fred nolan oak island died

Oak Island Gold by William Crooker

For over two centuries, the mysterious labyrinth of shafts and tunnels under Oak Island, a tiny island on Nova Scotias South Shore, has been the scene of a frantic search by scores of treasure hunters from two continents. They believe that the shafts and intricate man-made flooding system hold the secret to a treasure of untold wealth. Although millions have been spent, bitter feuds have erupted, and men have died, the treasure has remained as elusive as the answers to who built the labyrinth, why and how it was constructed, and the nature of the treasure itself. Until now.

In his second book on the Oak Island mystery, William Crooker meticulously sifts through the evidence unearthed by treasure hunters on the island, past and present. Then, armed with some starling new discoveries, he neatly fits the pieces together to offer a plausible solution to the baffling puzzle of Oak Island.
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Rick was just years-old when discovered an article about this hidden treasure, said to be buried in a secret location in Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. Many people had tried and failed to uncover the treasure, which fascinated Rick from that moment on. The boy had already been on a treasure hunt the year previously, in his hometown of Kingsford. While exploring, he found a large granite rock and was desperate to find out what was underneath. He was on a quest and nothing would stop him. The Oak Island mystery goes back all the way to when a young boy found an out of place circular depression in the ground. This discovery led to the Onslow Company being formed to search the area and see what they could find, eight years later in

A hidden treasure is supposedly buried under a small island in Nova Scotia. No one knows for sure how it got there or if it even exists, but two Michigan brothers think they can finally crack this year-old mystery. R ick Lagina was just 10 years old when he went on his first treasure hunting adventure. Across the street from where he and his younger brother Marty grew up, in Kingsford, Mich. They thought of devising an elaborate pulley system, but they eventually gathered about eight neighborhood kids to help move it. So what was under the rock? The Laginas may be 50 years older now, but their imaginations are still getting the best of them.


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