Koehler method of dog training amazon

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koehler method of dog training amazon

Koehler Method of Dog Training by William R. Koehler

One of the most popular books on dog training ever publishedThis book has been the choice of thousands seeking expert instruction in dog training since it first appeared in 1962. The Koehler Method has gone through 38 printings and has sold over 475,000 copies. It has taken on the status of a classic on the subject and this, the first new edition of the work, will bring the ingenious approach of a great innovator to an entire new audience of dog owners.

The instructions and training approaches given here can be equally successful with groups in a training class environment or for individuals training alone. There are numerous tips on how to get the desired training results and a host of original approaches designed to discourage the stubborn canine pupil, avoid the establishment of bad habits or correct those that may already be set.

This new edition of The Koehler Method of Dog Training presents a pertinent update of AKC Novice obedience requirements and incorporates applicable findings in the area of canine behavior which were not generally known or in wide use by trainers and owners when the first edition of this fine book was introduced to dog owners.

A very important section of this book deals with correcting serious behavior problems which, left uncorrected, could, and often do, lead to the pet being put to sleep. Needless to say, The Koehler Method of Dog Training has saved thousands of dogs over the years. The new edition is expected to serve the same valuable function.
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If I have an interest in something, one of my favorite things is to talk about it and discuss it, and I wanted to find someone who'd like to do the same. I haven't used this method. I am getting a Labrador puppy in about 2 months though and have been thinking about how to train him for apartment living. I'll look into this method as an option going forward. Do you have any experiences to share? My experience with the Koehler Method has thoroughly convinced me that it's the best method there is for training a dog.

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Get the very latest training tips, techniques, dog nutritional advices, product reviews delivered to your inbox Trust us They all need to learn how to act around their pack and in their new territory. This means socialization, house breaking, basic obedience and much more. In additional to basic training, some breeds will struggle with chewing, barking, separation anxiety and other key issues. Then there is the fact that some dogs are simply smarter than others.

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Koehler Method Of Dog Training — There are lots of training techniques and philosophies that claim to be the fastest, easiest and many affective means to educate your dog. The second thing that all training techniques have in common is that the first step would be to teach the dog basic commands. These basic commands will be the basis of communication between human and puppy. Image Source: ssl-images-amazon. The first command you should teach is SIT.


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    Koehler dog training has been serving the obedience needs of dogs and their owners in both class and private training formats since Koehler wrote the book the "Koehler Method of Dog Training.

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