Get motivated in 60 seconds

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get motivated in 60 seconds

60 Second Self-Starter: Sixty Solid Techniques to get motivated, get organized, and get going in the workplace. by Jeff Davidson

Does your desk look the scene of an explosion? Is your computer crowded with pointless files? Are the tools you need always buried under piles of junk? If so, Jeff Davidson has the solutions for you. With sixty simple, immediate techniques, he shows you how to get your workplace organized, streamline your workday, and boost your productivity and job satisfaction. With this handy manual by your side, you can banish chaos from your cubicle forever.
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Published 06.01.2019

How to Get Motivated: in 60 seconds.

How to get massively motivated in less than 60 seconds

We all have days when exhaustion gets the better of us and our motivation crashes. Typically, we reach for coffee and sugar to energize. Or we sink into the sofa. All treat the symptom, none cures the disease. What is a natural, speedy solution to the question of how to get more energy? We need to find a fix within ourselves.

Recently, I had the honor of meeting Dr. During one of Dr. Sharecare is a digital health company that helps people manage all their health in one place. I was able to talk briefly with Dr. Oz and learn more about the small actionable steps we all can take to improve our health by improving our sleep and diet. I know how tough it can be to wind down from a long day, when we still have the urge to get one more thing done.

Throughout my more than 15 years in sales, managing sales teams, coaching thousands of sales professionals and personally closing tens of millions of dollars in deals in various industries, there's one thing that became really clear to me:. The most important factor that will determine how successful you'll be in the game of sales is the level of energy you bring to the table Whether you hardly can bring yourself to make the next sales call, or you're already hyper-motivated to close the next deal Which is why I'll send you a new sales motivation video every day if you're up for the challenge. In the video I'll share a sales motivation quote and an action item to help you take your sales game to the next level.

This was going to be that article, but as I started to re-read some old notes on motivation I had three rapid realizations:. Sadly, I could think of no technique which matched those requirements. But then I realized I had been doing the kind of technique I was looking for every day for the last six months as part of my meditation practice.
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How Does the Motivation Minute Provide Lasting Daily Motivation?

Confession time: Even highly driven and productive entrepreneurs still struggle every day to turn on their motivation when they need it. To date, Commit Action has conducted and collected statistics from over 10, one-to-one conversations with small business owners in over 20 countries. Meanwhile, there are a tiny fraction of entrepreneurs knocking out home run after home run in life and business. These people are seriously successful. Over and over.



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