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top wonder woman graphic novels

Wonder Woman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told by William Moulton Marston

This collection makes clear a sad truth: when you boil it down, not that many great stories have actually been told about Wonder Woman.

Now for a few caveats. Yes, there are plenty of good Wonder Woman stories, but its hard to name very many great ones. Also, some of the best Wonder Woman stories are larger arcs that take place over a number of issues and thus would not fit well in a collection such as this one. And it seems that many of the best WW stories dont even appear in her own book, but rather take place in the pages of Superman or Justice League. (Perhaps my favorite Wonder Woman story--a team up with Superman in Action Comics #761, where WW and Supes fight demons in an alternate universe over a period of ONE THOUSAND YEARS!--does not appear in this collection but is referenced in a caption in one of the other comics in this book. Would it really have been so hard to include that great story?)

Of the 10 stories in this book, only 2 come from the post-Crisis Wonder Woman series. One each by George Perez and Phil Jimenez, and in my opinion theyre the only stories in this book worth reading. The rest of the collection is comprised of goofy, poorly-drawn tales from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. I know it was important to portray some of Wonder Womans background in this series, but up until the 80s, most Wonder Woman stories were terrible. And if they really wanted to showcase her origins, why not include Wonder Woman #1 from 1942 or the superb Perez reboot #1 from 1987?

Wonder Woman is a great character and has been placed in the hands of a number of great writers over the last 3 decades. (Im thinking Perez, Jimenez, Rucka, and Simone, but Im sure there have been others, too.) Its just a shame this book didnt feature more of those stories.

One final complaint, that I find is all too common in collections of this type: the covers to the comics have been omitted from this book. I think that the cover is an integral part of any comic issue, and I personally think that a lot of context and feel of the time period is conveyed through the cover image, the title/logo style, and the original issue price. There are 10 issues in this book. Including all the covers would have added 10 pages. Was there really any reason to omit them?
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Gaiden: Must Read Wonder Woman Graphic Novels!

Wonder Woman Comics & Graphic Novels: Books

The release date for the Wonder Woman film is right around the corner! Rebirth has revitalized the character of Wonder Woman, and Year One delves into her new, official origin. There's a Rebirth Deluxe Edition hardcover scheduled for release later this year which includes both Year One and The Lies, and it would certainly be the top of this list! As I said earlier, Greg Rucka does such an amazing job with the character and her world. This story arc focuses on the present time with a spotlight on Wonder Woman's archenemy, Cheetah, who is rarely utilized as well as she is here. See where it all began! This omnibus has so many amazing early stories by Marston.

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For a Thousand Years - Action Comics #761

As we finally got to see on the big screen, Wonder Woman is truly one of the best comic book characters in existence. - Wonder Woman is the most well-known female superhero in comic books. Despite this, her books have never sold as well as her male counterparts Batman and Superman.

So, you loved the first Wonder Woman film. You're pumped for WW But in the meantime, you want to read some great comics featuring Diana of Themyscira. Where do you begin? Well, we at CBR also love a great Wonder Woman story, and we've read enough to know which ones are truly gems.




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