Things you didn t know about back to the future

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things you didn t know about back to the future

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Published 28.12.2018

10 Things You Never Knew About BACK TO THE FUTURE

President Ronald Reagan quoted the film in his State of the Union speech, saying, "never has there been a more exciting time to be alive — a time of rousing wonder and heroic achievement. As they said in the film Back to the Future , 'Where we're going, we don't need roads. When President Reagan saw the scene where Doc Brown laughs in disbelief over Marty McFly informing him that Ronald Reagan "the actor" was president in he enjoyed it so much that he asked the projectionist to replay it.

Jeff Goldblum as Doc Brown, anyone? Back To The Future is one of the best family movies in history. Frankly, it's one of the best movies of any kind in history. How about learning some things you never knew about Back To The Futur e? Unless you've already been ahead in time and read them, you little tinker. The following are some great facts about Back To The Future that you probably didn't know about. He was shamed into backing down when producer Steven Spielberg thanked him for his "joke memo".

Why was Eric Stoltz fired? How weird was Crispin Glover? And why did the DeLorean need to reach 88 mph? S id Sheinberg, the risk-averse studio executive in charge of shepherding Back to the Future into cinemas, was spooked by the dismal box-office performance of time-travel movies Somewhere in Time, Time Bandits and The Final Countdown. Fearing the same fate for Robert Zemeckis's film, he suggested an alternative title inspired by the script's references to Marty McFly being mistaken for an alien by the residents of Fifties Hill Valley: Spaceman From Pluto. Producer Steven Spielberg decided to pretend he was joking, despite knowing full well that he wasn't.

Yet one movie stands above all others: Back to the Future. Fox ends up in the past using Doc Brown's Christopher Lloyd time machine and has to make his parents played by Crispin Glover and Lea Thompson fall in love before he gets erased from existence. But enough of what you already knew. Bob Gale first got the idea for Back to the Future in While paging through his father's high school yearbook, Gale began wondering whether he would have been friends with his dad if they went to school together. Together with Robert Zemeckis, Gale developed this idea into a screenplay. It then took them four years to find anyone willing to film their script.

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Originally, Marty McFly was supposed to be so despondant about his messed-up life he was going to commit suicide, writer Bob Gale revealed. It could have been called Spaceman From Pluto and the time machine was supposed to be a fridge. Biff actor Thomas F. The script was rejected over 40 times before it was finally agreed by Universal. When Marty departs , he leaves the Twin Pines Mall, and then knocks over a pine tree when he arrives in at the Twin Pines Ranch.

The classic film invented its own form of time-travel if you watch the movie 88 times in a row, you will have traveled 10, minutes into the future , but even the most dedicated fans may not know what went went down before the film even made it to theaters. Here are some facts about "Back to the Future" every DeLorean diehard should know:. The list of actors who auditioned for the lead role is basically a who's who of mid-'80s Hollywood. Eventual champ Michael J. Fox was offered the part first but turned it down -- he was too busy playing Alex P. Keaton on "Family Ties.

Remember when the Back to the Future films traveled to our time and the future was stunning?! Hover boards! Flying cars! Self tying shoes! Jaws 19! Those crazy shiny hats! And we totally did it right?


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