Good night mr tom summary

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good night mr tom summary

Good Night, Mr. Tom by Michelle Magorian

London is poised on the brink of World War II. Timid, scrawny Willie Beech -- the abused child of a single mother -- is evacuated to the English countryside. At first, he is terrified of everything, of the country sounds and sights, even of Mr. Tom, the gruff, kindly old man who has taken him in. But gradually Willie forgets the hate and despair of his past. He learns to love a world he never knew existed, a world of friendship and affection in which harsh words and daily beatings have no place. Then a telegram comes. Willie must return to his mother in London. When weeks pass by with no word from Willie, Mr. Tom sets out for London to look for the young boy he has come to love as a son.
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Goodnight Mister Tom - By Michelle Magorian

Good Night, Mr. Tom Summary & Study Guide

The book starts with a boy named William Who is being evacuated from London because of the war that is about to begin. Tom is evacuated to a little village called Little Weirwold. He is brought to a grumpy old man called Tom Oakley. Tom is not so happy about the whole idea of letting in a kid he never has met but he understands that he has to. Willie is a shy kid and doesn't have much knowledge about the country or about much in the world.

In the care of Mister Tom, an elderly recluse, he experiences a new life of loving and care. Magorian and Mister Tom won the annual Guardian Children's Fiction Prize , a once-in-a-lifetime award judged by a panel of British children's writers. The novel has been twice adapted as a musical, once as a play and once as a film , Goodnight Mister Tom In September , as Britain stands on the brink of the war, many young children from the cities are evacuated to the countryside to escape an imminent German bombardment. Willie Beech, a boy from Deptford who is physically and emotionally abused by his mother, arrives at the home of Tom Oakley, a widower in his sixties who lives in the village of Little Weirwold. The boy is thinly clad, underfed and covered with painful bruises, and believes he is full of sin, a result of his upbringing by his mother, a domineering, insane, God-fearing widow. Willie lives with him as his Mother wants him to live with someone who is either religious or lives next to a church.

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And thus began a journey of recovery and rediscovery for the two of them., Please read the breif character description on the main page so that everything below isn't impossible to understand! Thank you.

Good Night, Mr. Tom by Michelle Magorian. Britain is on the brink of war when young William Beech is sent to live with Tom Oakley in the village of Little Weirwold. Tom Oakley is a sad, reclusive widower who slowly accepts the idea of having the boy live with him. Tom soon discovers William has been a victim of child abuse and greatly needs his love and care. Tom takes William under his wing and provides him with warm clothes and plenty of food. William begins to thrive and he soon begins school.

It is , and England is poised on the edge of war with Nazi Germany. It is believed that the main target of invasion from the sea will be the south coast, and the biggest threat of mass bombing raids from the sky will be in London. For this reason, children from the inner city are evacuated to the north of England where it is believed the threat from the Germans will be much more slight. Willie Beech is a scrawny eight-year-old boy from London. For his whole life, he has been physically and emotionally abused by his religious mother, leading him to be extremely timid and fearful.


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