Christmas card greetings after a death

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christmas card greetings after a death

A Christmas Carol Quotes by Charles Dickens

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Published 05.01.2019

Grandmother's Voice from a Christmas Card -- ViralHog

The death of the Christmas card

Lessons Learned, and Occasionally, Opinions. If you send them a card wishing "Happy Holidays", then at best you tell them you treat your clients generically, sending the same card regardless. In either case, the card heads straight to the trash, never to be remembered. Instead, you can offer authenticity and genuine comfort, distinguishing yourself from everyone else and helping your client at the same time. Choose one that either has no words or that wishes peace or hope.

After losing a loved one there are approximately a million holiday grief challenges that arise. From bursting into tears in the store when you see a gift they would love to that moment when you realize no one else knows how to carve the turkey, the holidays can feel like a minefield of added grief woes. Tucked in there somewhere may be the issue of if and how to send holiday cards. There is no right or wrong and there are no easy answers like so much in grief! How have you handled holiday cards after a death?

I want them to know about our year and yet that feels funny.
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The culture of sending custom Christmas cards with hand scribbled messages to family, friends, relatives and business associates is fast disappearing from our lives. One would wonder why this is so. The truth is that it is not just physical Christmas cards that are on the wane. Handwriting is too. And letters.


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    What to say or do (and what NOT to say or do) when someone you know has suffered a loss

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