Change is inevitable except from a vending machine

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change is inevitable except from a vending machine

Quote by Robert C. Gallagher: “Change is inevitable - except from a vending ma...”

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Published 05.01.2019

Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine - CAMBIO ES INEVITABLE, EXCEPTO CUANDO SE TRATA

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They used to say "Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine". Not any more

Of course some people are very resistant to change and accepting it. It can also refer to the money we get back, usually coins, when we pay for something with currency that amounts to more than the price of the purchase. This latter sense goes back to the 17th century. For the next years, these exchanges of currency were form person to person, from seller to customer. But sometime during the midth century, some genius figured out how to make a machine which would hold inexpensive products that people wanted, such as candy, cigarettes, or soda.

Today at Head Start, the teacher was absent and reasonable chaos ensued. It certainly was not that the staff were slacking; I am always impressed by how much they care about the children, draw purpose out of chaos, and handle so many random situations—and they were especially on top of things today. It was like all of the classroom management they had learned during the year completely went out the window. And the only thing that changed was that Miss Emily was missing. The substitute followed classroom procedures, knew the kids, and even had exact wording for key phrases that Miss Emily used.

As August comes to an end, attention for a lot of parents turns to the begining of a new school year. Each year is important whether they are starting creche, playschool, school, new class, secondary, exam years, college etc….. Just when we get comforable at one stage, another looms. So is there anything that can smooth the transition? Every parent, child, family situation and stage is different so it would be a very long list to try cover specific tips or techniques and, probably, you will have figured them out yourself anyway. Accept Change. Change is inevitable.

Robert C.
lucifer and the biscuit hammer read

As parents the best thing we can do is prepare them for life, not protect them from it!

As far as the general public is concerned, in the near future one of the most striking and commonplace examples of the proliferation of IoT will be the rise and rise of the intelligent networked vending machine. Soon, ubiquitous, smart, connected vending machines capable of continuous monitoring of inventory and of understanding and acting on changing consumption patterns will permit the industry and individual companies quickly to introduce new products and customised services by making use of virtualisation, the Cloud, big data and smart payments. Those of you who have visited the Coca Cola museum in Atlanta, Georgia, in the US, will have seen examples of the earliest vending machines. Installed in drug stores across America more than a century ago now, the big, heavy but remarkably secure machines provided access to cooled bottles of the fizzy beverage and were so robust that many of them stayed in use for well over 50 years. Coke vending machines are now in situ across the globe, but the difference is that the latest iterations of them, the Freestyle vending machines in place in the US and the UK, are interconnected via 16 million IP addresses that allows the parent company not only to identify, trouble-shoot and manage each machine but also to undertake real-time test marketing of new or adapted products and also to monitor trends and changes in the popularity of different brands of drink and snacks. What Coca Cola wants to do along with many others in the vending machine sector is to move it on beyond the comparatively simple matter of dispensing drinks and snacks and so develop what is being called "the new retail centre".

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Change is inevitable in life. The important thing……. One of the secrets of living successfully is to learn to handle the changes we find coming our way. The first being my business name. Still me. And maybe a little of the unexpected too. Weddings are back.


  1. Bertrand R. says:

    Change is inevitable – Except from vending machines!

  2. Hal R. says:

    “Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine” – Robert C. Gallagher

  3. Scarlett T. says:

    Toni Morrison.

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