Facts about the bones in your body

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facts about the bones in your body

20 Fun Facts about the Skeletal System by Theresa Emminizer

Readers will bone up on their knowledge of the human body with this enlightening text about the skeletal system. The skeleton forms framework for the entire body. It protects the organs, stores minerals, and makes it possible for the body to move and function. Readers will study the parts of the skeletal system, learn about types of bones, and discover how the body changes over time. Useful diagrams help readers visualize abstract concepts, and attention-grabbing photographs enrich the comprehensive text.
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Facts About Human Bones You Didn't Know

The skeletal system in the human body is made of bones, tendons and ligaments, all of which are necessary for our body structure, movement and to protect our internal organs.
Theresa Emminizer

15 Fun Facts About the Skeletal System

An adult's skeletal system consists bones, 32 teeth and a network of other structures that connect the bones together. This system performs a number of vital functions, such as giving the body its form, assisting with bodily movements and producing new blood cells. The skeleton of a newborn baby has approximately different components, which are a mixture of bones and cartilage. The cartilage eventually solidifies into bone in a process called ossification — for example, the kneecaps of newborns start off as cartilage and become bone in a few years. Over time, the "extra" bones in infants fuse to form larger bones, reducing the overall number of bones to by adulthood. Bones come in all shapes and sizes, and are not evenly distributed throughout the body; some areas have far more bones than others. Coming out on top are your hands and feet.

Toggle navigation. Bones Facts Bones make up the skeleton of the human body, as well as the skeleton of animals. They provide the frame for our body, but they also provide insight into the past through dinosaur skeletons, human skeletons, and skeletons of other creatures that no longer exist or have changed over time. When humans are born they have approximately bones, but this reduces to by the time of adulthood, due to bones fusing together. Bones are made of periosteum, compact bone, cancellous, and bone marrow. Bone marrow makes blood cells. Babies have some bones made up of cartilage that grows throughout childhood and is eventually replaced with bone, thanks to calcium.

Your skeletal system is to your body what wood and bricks are to a house. With a strong foundation, your body is designed to do a multitude of amazing tasks, from running to giving birth. Learn about the skeletal system and some unique trivia you might never have known about the bones, cartilage, and ligaments that make up your skeletal system. Inside your body are bones. Each bone plays a very important role in making all the mechanics of your body function properly. You may think of bone as a hard, dense material, but only one type of bone is like this.

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