He has promised he will never fail lyrics

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he has promised he will never fail lyrics

Broken Promises Quotes (33 quotes)

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Published 05.01.2019

Promises Never Fail (Official Lyric Video) - Bethel Music - VICTORY


God did not promise a life without troubles, so most of us have experienced some kind of pain in this world. Sometimes this pain makes us push God away and we try to handle situations on our own, and I too am guilty of this. However, every time that I push God away I am always reminded that in times of hardship I need God the most, because although he didn't promise a life without trouble, he promised to never leave us nor forsake us. I encourage everyone to give their worries to God, because we are not meant to handle this life alone. It is Christ who gives us strength. To remind you of God's constant presence in every season of your life, I also encourage you to read and listen to the lyrics of these 15 songs when you're going through a hard time. Encourage a friend with these lyrics, encourage a stranger with these lyrics, and encourage yourself.

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God is ever faithful; he keeps promises. God will remain true to his words, and he will keep them under whatever circumstance so that all people can glorify his name. A direct reference to this topic can be read from the Bible when King David witnessed many goodness of God, and recounted some of them in return appreciations to the Creator. Perhaps one out of many contrasts between a man and God is that man is fallible in nature, but God is not. The faithfulness of God over his children is not conditional, as some people may have presumed.

In Scripture, God makes a lot of promises. He keeps them all, but there are a few things he never promised that might surprise you. Here are three; can you think of others? God keeps score. He promises to heal the wounded, reward the faithful, and punish the wicked 2 Corinthians He promises justice.


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    He has promised He will never fail. I will honor Him, I will adore Him. He has promised, He will never fail. His faithfulness is forevermore;.

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