We were born to be wild

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we were born to be wild

Quote by Steppenwolf: “Like a true Natures child, we were born, born ...”

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Published 05.01.2019

AC DC - Born to be wild

And explode into space [Outro] Like a true nature child. We were born, born to be wild. We can climb so high. I never wanna die. Born to be wild. Born to be wild.

Born To Be Wild

My brother Jerry and I were living in Toronto and playing in a band called the Sparrows. In search of success, we all moved to San Francisco at the height of the psychedelic 60s. We were on drugs. So I left the band to focus on writing songs and — after taking more psychedelics — started calling myself Mars Bonfire. I finally scraped together enough money to buy a used Ford Falcon and would drive into the mountains and deserts around LA.

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About Born To Be Wild lyrics. Album Steppenwolf Gabriel Mekler. Bill Cooper, Richard Podolor. Art Direction. Gary Burden.


  1. Yoko S. says:

    Get your motor runnin' Head out on the highway Looking for adventure.

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