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howard hughes katharine hepburn pictures

I Know Where Im Going: A Personal Biography of Katharine Hepburn by Charlotte Chandler

Drawing on a series of recordings made over many years, beginning in the mid-1970s, acclaimed biographer Charlotte Chandler has written the most intimate and personal biography ever published of Hollywood legend Katharine Hepburn.

Introduced by George Cukor, who directed Hepburn in such classic films as Little Women, The Philadelphia Story, and Adams Rib, Chandler socialized with Hepburn at the Cukor estate, where the star was then living in a cottage on the grounds. Hepburn agreed to allow Chandler to tape their conversations, during which she spoke candidly about her personal and professional lives. She described finding the body of her adored older brother, an apparent suicide at fifteen, and assuming his birthday as her own. She told Chandler intimate details of her marriage and divorce from Ludlow Ogden Smith, Luddy, who remained a friend, and of her affair with pilot Howard Hughes. She said that she enjoyed diving nude off the wings of his seaplane when they went swimming together. Her warmest recollections were of her twenty-seven-year affair with Spencer Tracy.

Chandler also interviewed others who knew and worked with Hepburn during her long career, from Cukor to Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Cary Grant, Christopher Reeve, and many others. All of them described an actress who was supremely talented, professional, and confident, who always knew where she was going.

By the time she retired, Hepburn had won a record four Best Actress Academy Awards and had been nominated twelve times. Her acting career spanned six decades, and she was universally acknowledged as one of the finest -- if not the finest -- actors in film history. Her range was enormous: She acted in serious drama and in screwball comedies with equal skill. As she revealed to Chandler in their conversations, her family was a great influence on Hepburn. Her mother was a suffragette and her beloved father a doctor. She would eventually retire to the home where she grew up (although it had been rebuilt after it was destroyed in a storm), symbolically affirming the family values that shaped her personality. She was careful to distinguish her personal and professional lives, telling Chandler that she thought of herself as Kathy, a childhood name (she had called herself Jimmy for a while in childhood), but regarded the public Katharine Hepburn as the creature.

I Know Where Im Going is a fascinating, delightful, and personal book that brings readers as close as possible to the real Katharine Hepburn.

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Howard Hughes

Read the essential details about Howard Hughes who was born on the 24th December In Hughes began living with Katharine Hepburn although he continued to He also served as an executive for RKO Pictures and Hughes Aircraft.
Charlotte Chandler

Kate Hepburn Never Cried

By Caroline Howe For Dailymail. Legendary filmmaker Howard Hughes was so obsessed with sex, power and publicity that it drove him to trap, abuse and even sometimes benefit young women who dreamed of stardom. Ava Gardner also caught Hughes' eye pictured together in , with the actress saying: 'I couldn't get rid of him for the next fifteen years, no matter who I was with or who I married. Using aggressive publicists, Hughes sold an image of himself as 'a genius scout of female talent'. Harlean Carpenter — who changed her name to Jean Harlow -- was 12 years old when she first arrived in Hollywood from Kansas City with her mother who believed stardom was her daughter's birthright. Harlow 'got attention everywhere she went for her milky white skin and cloud of blond hair and gorgeously curvaceous figure', writes Longworth.

Howard's father was the founder of founder of the Hughes Tool Company. His brother, Rupert Hughes , worked as a writer for Samuel Goldwyn's movie studios. His mother, Allene Gano , came from a prosperous family that were considered to be "monarchs of Dallas society". In Howard Robard Hughes patented a two-cone rotary drill bit that penetrated medium and hard rock with ten times the speed of any former bit, and its discovery revolutionized oil well drilling. After the death of Sharp in , Hughes took full control of the company that now became known as the Hughes Tool Company.


She broke rules, she had fun, she set her own agenda. During her long and illustrious career, the legendary silver-screen star appeared in at least 30 movies over 60 years and took home a record of four golden Oscars for Best Actress. Glamorous, athletic, and fiercely independent, Hepburn also harbored a passionate and secret relationship with her married co-star Spencer Tracy for 26 years. Why did the Hepburn-Tracy affair last so long? Katharine Hepburn was born in Connecticut in to a doctor father and a feminist mother. She loved going to movies and staged performances for her family and friends. She once got suspended for smoking in her room.

We take a look at her legacy. Katharine Hepburn was one of the biggest stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Her feminist viewpoints and bold presence in the press contrasted with the typical glamour of other stars of the time, and created an ambiguous relationship between Hepburn and cinema audiences, as well as with critics and the media. Her rise to stardom did not come easily, however her perseverance on her career path to the top has made her a long-lasting cinema classic and style icon. Born on 12 May to a wealthy family, as the second of six children and the eldest daughter, Katharine Hepburn was raised in a comfortable and progressive setting in Hartford, Connecticut. Close in age to her brother, they had also had a close relationship and consequently his death had a lasting impact on her. She secretly changed her birth date to his for many years and continued with a tomboy aesthetic and mannerisms into her later teenage years.

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    The Many Loves of Howard Hughes: Katharine Hepburn, (YMRT #11) — You Must Remember This

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    She appeared in a range of genres, from screwball comedy to literary drama, and she received a record for either gender four Academy Awards for Lead Acting Performances , plus eight further nominations.

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    On-screen, Katharine Hepburn played a feisty beauty who always walked off with the leading man.

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    Katharine Houghton Hepburn (May 12, – June 29, ) was an American actress known .. Hepburn's third picture confirmed her as a major actress in Hollywood. . Howard Hughes, Hepburn's partner at the time, sensed that the play could be her ticket back to Hollywood stardom and bought her the film rights before.

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    Why the fiercely independent Katharine Hepburn hid her year affair with co-star Spencer Tracy

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