Sword art online character creator deviantart

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sword art online character creator deviantart

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Character Creation Details - Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

Blank SAO Character Template

Secondary: Curved Sword , 1-Handed Was passing through Granzam and spotted the sword in one of the many blacksmithing shops. Only wears his helmet when in battle. Wears this when offduty. Prone to shenanigans and excessive screwing around due to it being a group of longtime friends. Dislikes: Puppets actually frightened by them , impatient people, murder guilds, and peanut butter.

Anything in Parentheses you can delete as you fill out this sheet! Personality: Be descriptive here, and not just a list of words.
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Character Customization & Progression in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

See More by hallow Featured in collections. Featured in groups See All. He joined in the guild Knight of the Blood to finish game. He managed to open the floor 60 to 70 floor while asuna and kirito are on vacation.

Jul 03, PM. Hair Color : Black. Eye Color : Vibrant, Electric Blue. Height : 6'0" Tall for his age, isn't he? Weight : lb. Personality : Yoko is a creative one, quite clever when he needs to be, good at thinking quickly, and especially good at making split-second decisions and using most of anything as a temporary weapon if his is too far to reach. Yoko tends to be friendly to those who have proved him worthy of him gifting them any sort of kindness.


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