Anonymous the truth about ww3

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anonymous the truth about ww3

Ms. Anonymous (Author of WW3 & the truth of the ILLUMINATI)

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Published 28.12.2018

Anonymous - The TRUTH about WW3 II

Anonymous – They are preparing for what comes next… (WW3 2017-2018)

As former allied nations around the world celebrate the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War Two, online activist group Anonymous has released a new video warning that global powers are poising for another global conflict--and that the cost would be even higher than that of the last. The group posted a video Saturday entitled "They are preparing for what comes next WW3 " on its official YouTube account. In the six-minute-and-forty-five-second clip, a figure wearing a black cloak and Guy Fawkes mask can be heard through a digital voice explaining how the actions of nations, including the U. It will also be globally devastating, both on environmental and economic levels. The narrator cited U. Beijing has recently engaged in a rare, public feud with Pyongyang and asked its citizens in North Korea to leave, according to South Korean media , but, along with Russia, has denied amassing its troops at the North Korean border.

Anonymous used their signature Guy Fawkes character to deliver the warning in a six-minute video. Anonymous makes several claims over military movements in the region and alleged Beijing has warned its citizens living in North Korea to return to China immediately. With three superpowers drawn into the mix, other nations will be coerced into choosing sides, so what do the chess pieces look like so far? Anonymous warns recent talks between President Trump and Philippines President Rodrigo Duturte signal the world is on the brink of war. We are Anonymous.

By Chris Perez. May 8, pm Updated May 9, pm. It will also be globally devastating, both on environmental and economical levels. In addition, China reportedly has urged its citizens in the Hermit Kingdom to return home as tensions continue to escalate over their nuclear weapons program. They claim that the Trump administration has also been working closely with the Australians, sending a rotational deployment of more than 1, US troops to the country, along with a large fleet of military aircraft. Another surefire sign that war is imminent, according to Anonymous, is the recent talks between President Trump and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte. The pair spoke a little over a week ago to discuss the situation with North Korea and other regional security threats.

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WW3 -- Anonymous The TRUTH about WW3 II

The hackers posted a new video to YouTube on Saturday titled, "They are preparing for what comes next WW3 In it, a single figure in a Guy Fawkes mask appears to be reading from a paper as he says in a digitized voice, "All the signs of a looming war on the Korean peninsula are surfacing. Watching as each country moves strategic pieces into place. The person then notes, "But unlike past world wars, although there will be ground troops, the battle is likely to be fierce, brutal and quick.


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