Dark nights metal all issues

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dark nights metal all issues

Dark Nights: Metal (Single Issues) Series by Scott Snyder

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Published 04.01.2019

Dark Night Metal is Great... But We Have Some Problems - Comic Class

Dark Nights: Metal (Collected Editions) Series

All the single issues of the Dark Nights: Metal storyline, including two prelude one-shots, a main event of 6 issues, three interludes and the Dark Knights tie-ins. In reading order. Collected editions: Dark Nights: Metal. Book Want to Read. Shelving menu.

What it is we are not sure of just yet, but whatever is lurking in the dark corners of reality has Batman on the case to find out the answer. Created by the legendary Batman team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo , Dark Nights: Metal looks like it will be massive in scale, full of crazy action and ideas. Big events, especially ones with lots of tie-ins can be confusing to new readers and veterans alike. Not only does it give the reading order to this massive story, but also the creative teams, release dates and other helpful notes. Want to read hints and comics which inspired Dark Nights: Metal?

Batman is hiding a dark secret that could threaten the very existence of the multiverse! The Dark Knight has uncovered one of the lost mysteries of the universe The dark corners of reality that have never been seen till now! The Dark Multiverse is revealed in all its devastating danger—and the threats it contains are coming for the DC Universe! The Red Death.

As DARK NIGHTS: METAL begins, the Dark Multiverse is revealed in all its devastating danger—and Dark Nights: The Batman Who Laughs (). Issue #1.
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After being recruited by the Batman Who Laughs from each of their home dimensions, the Dark Knights converged on Earth Prime at the behest of Barbatos, an ancient, extra-dimensional being with a connection to the Wayne family. But even with his newfound connection to the speed force, the Red Death is powerless to prevent Earth from being destroyed as was destined. As Metal has been unfolding over the past couple of weeks, the heroes have tried to work out just what each of the Dark Knights is supposed to represent. But the protocol takes its directive to protect Bruce too seriously, and becomes a dangerous army of hard-light hologram Alfreds hellbent on bonding with Bruce. Eventually, the Alfreds trap Bruce in the Batcave before overcoming him, taking over his body, and rebuilding him as a less human version of himself, with a number of new abilities similar to Cyborg. A preemptive attack on Atlantis led by Bryce prompts the Atlanteans to flood Gotham City in retaliation, leading to Bryce modifying her body in order to be able to survive underwater.


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    Dark Nights: Metal is a monthly comic book published by DC Comics that .. This issue crams in all the adventure and bombast that was promised, but also.

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    Dark Nights: Metal (Collected Editions) Series by Scott Snyder

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    Bring Your DC Movies Together

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    Key Collector Comics - Dark Nights: Metal

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    This week, it is Dark Nights: Metal 6.

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