Quotes about being power hungry

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quotes about being power hungry

Lust For Power Quotes (14 quotes)

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This Is For All Of You Fighting Battles Alone (Walk Alone Speech)

Quote 1 Act 2 Scene 2 Line 56 Thou sure and firm-set earth, Hear not my steps, which way they walk, for fear Thy very stones prate of my whereabout, And take the present horror from the time, Which now suits with it. Whiles I threat, he lives.

'Go f**k yourselves, you sad, power-hungry little men': The week in quotes

What authority surfeits on would relieve us. If they would yield us but the superfluity while it were wholesome, we might guess they relieved us humanely. But they think we are too dear. The leanness that afflicts us, the object of our misery, is as an inventory to particularize their abundance; our sufferance is a gain to them. When the play opens, the Citizens riot in the streets of Rome because they're starving and the aristocrats have been hoarding the city's food supplies by setting the cost of grain too high for the plebs to be able to afford it. Here, one of the starving plebs argues that the patricians are literally and figuratively getting fat while the lower classes suffer.

Kevin Spacey , the perfect villain if there ever was one, plays the role of scheming, power-hungry Frank so well his performance can run chills down your spine. Power is the old stone building that stands for centuries. The closer you are to the source, the higher your property value.
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October 31, By Esther French. Shakespeare has a lot to say about power and politics in his plays. Folger Director Emerita Gail Kern Paster provides some additional insight into the context of each quote. At a time of night when most of his subjects are asleep, the king is up and busy about his affairs. He may be relinquishing his power and position, but his griefs and cares remain.

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "power" Showing of 4, Sex is about power. You just take it. It is this.


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