Mafia 3 destroy moonshine trucks

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mafia 3 destroy moonshine trucks

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Mafia III Mission 24 Moonshine Walkthrough Gameplay LetsPlay Mafia 3 Playthrough

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Locate and Destroy the Moonshine Trucks

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Oct 10, I found some trucks and I shot them and destroy them several times and this objective still active. I already did other objectives and already due.
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The Blade Stained Red

On this page you will find walkthrough for the large story mission "Moonshine" in which you take over the moonshine racket in Pointe Verdun and then give it to Burke. The final objective of this mission is to removing one of the lieutenants from his position. The mission has many optional objectives and all ways of weakening the enemy racket are presented further in the guide. Nicki Burke is in one of the southern buildings on the scrap yard. Speak to her in order to learn how to weaken the moonshine racket enough to convince the enemy lieutenant Carl Bevers he manages the distillery to stop hiding. All points related to that process will be marked on the map with a blue color. Try wiretapping each box you must of course have enough electronic parts so that you reveal all weak points of the racket and you will be able to recruit both lieutenants.

Unlike every other mission up to this point, this mission doesn't end- you can keep destroying trucks forever. Not that there's any reason to- your only reward is damage to the racket, and there's only so much of that you can do. As for methodology, just drive around until you spot a truck, then take it out with a grenade or sustained machine gun fire. Rinse and repeat as needed. Overview Faster Baby!

This chapter involves recruiting Thomas Burke and taking over the district of Pointe Verdun. There are two rackets involved, the moonshine racket run by Carl Bevers , and the protection racket run by Sonny Blue. He will be reluctant to join Lincoln , forcing him to take Burke on a madman drive until he gives in. This opens up the Vehicle Delivery perk. His family runs their shine through the business and sells it to local shops.


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    How do I destroy a truck? - Mafia III Message Board for PlayStation 4 - GameFAQs

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    Mission 42 - Locate and Destroy Moonshine Trucks Unlike every other mission up to this point, this mission doesn't end- you can keep destroying.

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    Locate and Destroy Moonshine Trucks :: Mafia III General Discussions

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