Weird facts about your body

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weird facts about your body

Weird But True Human Body: 300 Outrageous Facts about Your Awesome Anatomy by National Geographic Kids

Get ready to have your mind blown with some hair-raising, eye-popping facts! This latest addition to the crazy popular Weird but True series is all about YOU! Its an exciting internal journey through your own wacky, weird, sometimes gross, but always fascinating human body. Did you know that your stomach is shaped like the letter J? Or that if you lined up all your blood vessels theyd circle the Earth twice? Or that your body gives off a light you cant see? From your head to your toes, youll be surprised and amazed by what you discover.
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12 Scary Things Your Eyes Say About Your Health

15 Facts About The Human Body!

Check out these 15 fascinating facts about our bodies…. Your mouth produces about one litre of saliva each day! The average person has 67 different species of bacteria in their belly button. You lose about 4kg of skin cells every year! Information zooms along nerves at about kmph!

When you stop to think about it, you realize how amazing your body really is. Your heart pumps blood, your lungs take in oxygen, and your brain forms thoughts all without thinking about it. Here are the most bizarre facts about your body you never considered, including the weirdest thing that happens once you reach age 60 No. And CulinaryLore. To put it into perspective, your blood has a pH level of around 7. On the other hand, your stomach acid is around a pH level of 1 or 2, which is highly acidic. According to Tempe Smiles Family Dental , your mouth, on average, will produce over 25, quarts of saliva over a lifetime.

Did you know that bones make up the human skeleton? Join Doctor Chris and Doctor Xand as you find out all about crazy bodily functions and bizarre real-life medical cases. Here are 16 weird, wacky and sometimes-a-bit-gross facts….
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Operation Ouch!: The HuManual

Some strange facts end up being debunked, but this is certainly possible: After years of wear and tear, tendons and ligaments in your feet may weaken. This can cause arches to flatten, which means feet get wider and longer. If it does happen, the average gain is about one shoe size by age 70 or Your insides are actually shifting! The fairer sex has a higher percentage of body fat and conserves more heat around the core. That helps keep vital organs nice and toasty but not the extremities—and when your hands and feet feel cold, so does the rest of your body.

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By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the PopCulture. Jill Bolte Taylor gave a Ted Talk called "My Stroke of Insight" where she describes her thoughts and feelings of awe when having a stroke. Feelings of awe?! Taylor is a brain scientist, and was fascinated at her body's abilities and reactions during her own stroke. The human body continues to shock and inspire doctors, scientists and the average Joe with its unending abilities to perform as a machine. To work in tandem with so many different moving parts and organs is crazy to say the least; so here we present you with 20 weird facts about your machine: the human body. The female egg is the only cell in the body that is visible to the naked eye.


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