The truth about the wild west

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the truth about the wild west

Old West Showdown: Two Authors Wrangle over the Truth about the Mythic Old West by Bill Markley

In an entertaining and conversational style, Markley and Cutsforth take conflicting sides to debunk and in some cases proliferate, the myths, legends, and realities of some of the Wests most famous figures, including: Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Buffalo Bill Cody, Calamity Jane, the Earp brothers, and many more. The real lives of the historic figures in Calling Down the Thunder: A Search for Truth in the Old West are shrouded in controversy and myth. Was Jesse James a Southern Son fighting for the cause of the fallen Confederacy, or a blood-thirsty cutthroat justly pursued by the authorities? Was Billy the Kid a misunderstood youth or a cold-blooded killer? Did Buffalo Bill Cody truly ride for the Pony Express as a young man? Or, was he just a blowhard who trumped up his own past in an attempt to seem more heroic in the eyes of audiences attending his Wild West shows? These questions and many more will be explored in this exciting book.
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Tony Robinsons Wild West S01E01

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Bill Markley

11 Things You've Always Thought About the Wild West That Are Totally Wrong

Everyone, deep down inside, fancies themselves an expert on the Old West. After all, we've seen every John Wayne western there is, binge-watched HBO's Deadwood, and took a a couple history classes in college. What else is there to know? Well a lot: much of America's most romanticized and glorified piece of history is still very much a mystery, so sit back on the porch, poor some whiskey, and let us fill you in. Here's the truth of the Old West. With the transcontinental railroad still a distant pipedream, camels were believed to be one of the keys to expanding westward across the wild and untamed land. Originally only used in Texas to haul supplies short distances, Washington eventually ordered that Edward Fitzgerald Beale take a couple dozen camels all the way to California.

For some it was old western movies that showed us what the American west was like, for others it was stories passed down through their family. No matter how someone grew up learning about the west, one thing was always true, the west was an adventurous place with murder, robberies, and crazy Indians. Well although we like to imagine the west as this crazy place, it really was not all that bad. For example, bank robberies were thought to be a huge part of the American west. When in all honesty bank robberies really did not happen all that often, and very few were actually documented in history. Overwhelmingly large amounts of bank robberies are a false idea that has been instilled in society by old western movies and folktales over the years, when in reality they were far and few in between.

There was a crucial Civil War battle in New Mexico

Were it to be done again, I would do it exactly as I did it at the time. Geographically, the frontier refers to the settlement of the Indian lands west of the Mississippi which are the present-day Midwest, Texas, Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Southwest, and the West Coast. In the second half of the 19th century and early 20th century, the media focused largely on the American West, which is sometimes called the Wild West or the Old West. This led to an entire genre of books and film devoted to the drama and romance of the period, as well as comic books and toys. Below are 47 wild facts about the American Frontier.


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    Americans especially loved the old west, for its gunfights, cowboys, stagecoach robberies, and clashes with Indians.

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