Books about the history of ireland

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books about the history of ireland

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Learn English Through Story ★ Subtitles: Ireland

Leaving Cert History Books

To learn more about Ireland past and present, check out some of these books and films. And see our similar lists for elsewhere in Europe. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Share. This evocative memoir documents an Irish family's struggles during the Great Depression. Are You Somebody? A woman steps out of the traditional shoes she was always told to fill. Roy, an authority on Irish history, leads a group of Americans on an unconventional tour through the byways of Ireland.

JC Beckett's overview is an important milestone in Irish historiography, a lucid combination of factual information and reasoned analysis by one of the recognised giants of modern Irish history. Published in , it is still a mine of information for today's students. Roy Foster writes like a dream and it is difficult to decide which of his many books I like best. Unusually for a general survey, his Modern Ireland is difficult to put down. It manages the rare feat of combining clear and authoritative analysis, challenging new insights with a sense of humour and a command of the literary as well as the historical sources. In this classic, Terence Brown gets to the very soul of contemporary Ireland, revealing the often bitter relations between the intelligentsia and politicians over the nature of the new Irish state.

The Spinning Heart gives us a kaleidoscopic view of rural and small-town Ireland in the years after the economic crash.
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Other Irish history

Encompassing stories of some of Ireland's best known characters as well as key moments in Ireland's past, this pocket history recalls the country's struggles through dark times, its successes, its people and places. The wealth of Irish culture and tradition is described as well as the key events and people that have shaped the country today. This item is currently out of stock. We will contact you once we know if it is available from the publishers. Do you wish to continue with the order? My Account.


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