Funny things to say about gingers

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funny things to say about gingers

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Published 04.01.2019

10 Unbelievable Facts Every Ginger Person Should Know

The 18 Most Offensive Things People Say To Redheads

Ginger jokes are very popular and well known to be very funny. Recently it appears as if this particular kind of jokes are gradually fading away, this will mean depriving the upcoming generation the fun these kind of jokes can bring. Two gingers drove off a cliff in a Vauxhall Zafira. What was the most unbelievable amazing magical power demonstrated in the Harry Potter movies? A ginger boy with two friends.

When encountering a redhead, whether they are a friend, a relative, or a complete stranger, there are likely to be several thoughts and questions running through your head. After all, these people are nearly as rare as unicorns. Of the many questions floating around, please be sure to avoid these, unless you'd like to see how many redheads it takes to send a person to the hospital. Are you a member of the American Board of Certified Haircolorists? Then maybe you shouldn't ask such a rude questi on. I burn when I sit next to a window.

Red hair is something that we've been taught to both covet and loathe. Anyone who is a natural redhead like myself knows that when you're young, everyone and their mom will literally come up to you and tell you how lucky you are to have red hair and to never, ever dye it. As you get older, though, you start to see how many stereotypes exist around redheads and that the never-ending joke from South Park's Ginger Kids that is so infamous even has its own Wikipedia page. Redheads are supposedly better in bed, possess the spirit of the Devil, and have shorter tempers than those with other hair colors. All of this is obviously nonsense, but it doesn't really stop people from using the color as a joke.

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    The 18 Most Offensive Things People Say To Redheads

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